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We're pleased to announce that the first Beta version of our BizTalk WCF Adapter for Windows Azure Storage has been released!

This release includes Initial support for PutMessage, ClearMessages outbound operations and GetMessage inbound operation on Azure Queues as well as for AddBlob, DeleteBlob outbound operations and GetBlob inbound operation on Azure Blobs. We also have implemented a basic polling strategy with fixed PollingIntervalInSeconds value.

Please, leave feedback and use the Issue Tracker to help improve this product and suggest feature requests in order to shape our future first release.

Project Description

The BizTalk WCF Adapter for Windows Azure Storage Services enables communication between .Net framework applications and Windows Azure Storage Queues and Blobs. Designed for BizTalk Server as a WCF Binding, it can be used from any regular .Net Framework application.

Getting Started

A Getting Started guide is available for download. Please, refer to this document in order to install and configure the adapter before use.


Jérémie Devillard

Jérémie Devillard works as a consultant in France on Microsoft technology since 2008. He is mostly interested in systems integration and Software Oriented Architecture and focuses his effort on Microsoft BizTalk Server. He maintains a blog where you can read his thoughts on various Microsoft-related subjects.

Certifications: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) BizTalk Server 2006 R2

He has received an MVP award in Connected System Developer Technology in 2012.

Maxime Labelle

Maxime works as a consultant in France.

He has been designing and developing applications using Microsoft tools and languages for almost 15 years. As a Solutions Architect, he primarily focuses on systems integration and Service Oriented Architecture but likes to keep an eye on software development and Application Lifecycle Management. Among specialists circles, rumor has it that Maxime loves to tackle obscure problems related to encodings and character sets.

He has received the MVP award for BizTalk in 2011 and tries and maintain a technical blog on BizTalk and various Microsoft-related technologies.

Michel Hubert

Michel works as an information systems architect in France.

He has been awarded the MVP award for BizTalk for several years and is now focusing on Windows Azure, for which he received the MVP award in 2011 , Michel maintains a blog where he writes about various bits and topics about Microsoft.

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